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Guild News

HM/NM Progress

HarassMe, Feb 27, 12 11:26 AM.
It looks like our general focus is going to be shifting towards the HM and NM content. We were able to move through HM EV at a good pace, and completed a couple of the bosses on NM.

We were unable to spend much time in HM KP but it is looking like progression here will not be an issue.

Moving Along

HarassMe, Feb 19, 12 12:32 PM.
The raids are coming along very well. We are now filling our raids with only guild members, and clearing the content at a decent pace.

Our officers have cleared HM EV and will be starting the guild runs today.

Everybody keep it up and Lama will send out cock shots!!

Making Headway

HarassMe, Jan 30, 12 11:30 AM.
We have been making progress with Chaotic in taking care of the 8man Normal content. Right now, Eternity Vault and Karagga's are being done each week.


HarassMe, Jan 19, 12 11:21 AM.
Welcome to the in progress build, of the Cold Blooded guild site. We will be using this location to discuss guild happenings, schedule raids and organize our general progression into SWTOR endgame content.
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